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Friendship and Excellence: Chi Chang's Formula for Global Extrusion Success

Publish date : 2023/12/07

(PLASTLIT, Ecuador)

The Plastic and Rubber machinery industry in Taiwan has a history of over fifty years and is a crucial supply hub for such machinery. Taiwan, a small island located in East Asia, manufactures a diverse range of machinery, including Plastic Injection, Extruder and Extrusion Line, and Plastic Converting equipment, and also includes consumer products used in our daily life, may come from a prominent player from Taiwan. There's a leading company which specializes in producing extrusion equipment in Taiwan — Chi Chang Machinery, known for its high-quality machines and being the first Taiwanese extrusion equipment manufacturer to export to high-end markets.

Successful Stories from the Globe

Founded in 1972, Chi Chang Machinery has a history of 51 years, primarily producing PE Breathable Film Extrusion Line, Air Bubble Film Extrusion Line, PS/PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line, and Rigid Sheet Extrusion Line. Initially focused on the domestic market, the company later expanded to serve global markets. Chi Chang stands out in the Taiwanese Plastic and Rubber machinery industry with its main markets being North America, Central and South America, Europe (France, the UK, Italy, Germany), Japan, and Southeast Asia.

The well-acclaimed customer service is not without basis and is evident from Chi Chang's 17-day visit program. Due to pandemic restrictions preventing on-site visits to customer factories, Chi Chang's Chairman, Johnny, led a team, including technical experts, to visit customers. These customers include major players in the market such as American conglomerates and industry leaders. One of them is Total Petrochemical, a French petroleum company and currently one of the world's six major oil companies. Amongst the numerous German machines in their facility, Chi Chang's machine stands out distinctly, becoming a genuine representation of Taiwan's prowess.

(TOTAL Petrochemical, Houston, USA)

Additionally, visits were made to long-standing clients in Houston and Miami. Especially the client in Miami called HOLPACK. Some clients even fly from Australia to Miami to visit them, just to see the machines manufactured by Chi Chang in person.


Moreover, the Pregis, which is an innovative packaging company in the US. After arriving in San Francisco, Chi Chang's team drove for another five hours to visit this crucial client, the effort was made to understand client needs. The client, a major player in bubble and PE foam industries, expressed appreciation for Chi Chang's machinery, even reserving space in their factory, showcased strong recognition and support that added significant value to the US trip.

(Source: From Pregis)

(Pregis, California, USA)

Chi Chang's Success Rooted in Quality and Relationships

(FOAM PAK, Houston, USA)

(CLOEREN, Houston, USA)

Chi Chang's international recognition stems from a deep belief in building customer trust through excellent product quality. While good customer service is crucial, without high-quality products, gaining customer trust becomes challenging, especially in the international arena. A significant part of Chi Chang's success is attributed to recommendations and endorsements from buyers worldwide. During the visit, many buyers expressed a positive impression and friendliness towards Chi Chang.

Interpersonal recommendations between customers serve as strong evidence, as the company ensures a swift response within 24 hours to resolve electrical or hardware issues, sometimes utilizing remote computer control technology for quicker issue resolution.

Chi Chang views customers not just as business partners but also as friends. Beyond business cooperation, they have formed friendships globally, aiming to prosper together and share fruitful outcomes, aligning with their mission and goals. Contact Chi Chang for more information.

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